Tolya Glaukos.
your face.

Price for a MERGE realised as a:
Digital Print. Sent per post.

If you want also a digital print, I can offer you a digital print realized as a

Postcard (DIN A6 - 11x14cm): 1,50 €
Small Poster (DIN A4 - 21x29cm),
signed per hand
25,00 €
Big Poster (DIN A2 - 42x59cm),
signed per hand
90,00 €

2. You have to add to this prices the prices for the digital MERGE (rubric: TIFF, JPG) for creating your picture. If you order more Postcards or Poster, the price per print is less for further prints.

3. If you canīt fetch your PRINTED MERGE here in Berlin where I live the most time of the year I have to charge you also the price for the parcel - the costs differ from country to country.