Tolya Glaukos.
your face.

Price for a MERGE realised as a:
Tiff. Jpg. Gif. Bmp. Sent per Email.

Fot the cheapest way of realising a MERGE you need at least two pictures. You send them to me in the format TIFF, JPG, GIF or BMP and I create an individual MERGE for you.
My artwork is not created automatically - but with help by different programms and algorithms. What filters and paletts I can use for merging depends on the pictures you send me ...

For every Picture you send me (or every one I use for the MERGE, if you send me more alternatives to chose some) I have to charge for the pictures and for the merges:

2 Pictures: 14,00 €
every further picture: 7,00 €


1 MERGE: 14,00 €
2 MERGES: 26,00 €
3 MERGES: 36,00 €
4 MERGES: 44,00 €
every further MERGE: 8,00 €


You send me 5 Pics, I chose 3 of them for use and make than 2 different variants of merges for you:

3 Pictures: 21,00 €
2 Merges: + 26,00 €

Total: 47,00 €

So the cheapest price for you is for one MERGE with two pictures: 28 €

After I got the money per bank transfer it takes not longer than two weeks till you receive your artwork per digital posting (EMAIL).

Interested? Then go to the Contact-Page and write me a note ...

Before you send me your pictures please read the informations to chose the best material.